Hi, and welcome to Ken Butterfield Photography.
I am a photographer in the Navan area of the historical county of Meath. Innitially I began my journey as a photographer because of my interest in motor sports. Then, having mastered the art of shooting cars and bikes travelling at high speed, I turned my hand, and lens, to numerous other styles of photography. I joined the local camera club where I met new people and learned new skills. This was a good move in many respects, and I highly recomend that anyone with an interest in photography do so. There is a world of knowledge to be acquired from fellow club members, "ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE".
My arsenal of weaponry consists of my recently acquired Canon 1D mark 111 along with a range of lens including 17-40, 24-70, 70-200.f1.8. 70-200.f2.8, and my toy, the 500mm which I use for my nature shots. With this selection of weapons I have everything pretty well covered. For the past three years or so I have shot countless weddings in numerous settings, for which I have received many commendations. Lately though, I have been putting more time into my landscape work, possibly as a release from the otherwise hectic life which I normally lead. Both my lens an I come complete with distinctions ( L.I.P.F. ) obtained from the Irish Photographers Federation. My photography has been very rewarding and enjoyable to me, and has taken me overseas to shoots on many occasions. Take a browse through my portfolios, and do leave a message before you go. Thanks for dropping by. Regards Ken.